Friday, February 20, 2009

Peekaboo - I See You!

What animal goes on a honeymoon, and 13 days later gives birth?

It lived during the age of dinosaurs: fossil remains have been found from 70 million years ago.

It can eat almost anything.

It loves to eat insects (beetles, cockroaches, and so forth). It eats snails and slugs. It catches and eats roof rats. It also eats cat food, dog food and people food.

It has thumbs on its hind feet!

It is very quiet, although it can make some sounds.

Give Up?

More clues...

It does not have a territory, but is always on the move, going to wherever the food is. Females stay in a smaller area while they care for their young.

It puts up a terrific bluff if cornered and can give the appearance of being really good at defending itself. NOTE: it is not good at defending itself!

BIG clue.....

If attacked and unable to fight or run from danger, it collapses and appears to be dead!

Give up?

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Keep scrolling.......

You may have guessed it.......

If you guessed opossum, you are right on! We captured a photo of this furry fellow in a tree along our driveway.


Quilldancer said...

Isn't he cute?

Janis said...

Thats a great shot. They are ugly little critters.

Melli said...

I hate them on the ground - they look like giant RATS! But up in the tree? Yea... he's cute!


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