Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Countdown to Spring

Can you guess what this is?

- scroll down -

I believe the flower pictured above is in the Lily family, but I am not certain what it is.
Does anyone know what this wild spring flower might be?

Can you guess what this is?

- scroll down -

If you guessed daffodil, you are correct!

Can you say... S - P - R - I - N - G ?

Only 2 more days!!


♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

I think it is called a snowdrop, but I am not positive! Hurray for Spring. It is supposed to be warm today too. But then rainy and 40's after that. Bah humbug.

♥ watching them blossom said...

LOVE IT!! I can't wait for SPRING and the warmer weather. I am not sure what your flower is called :(

Jan said...

The top flower is a snowdrop. Our weather is great here this week. Today will be 80 degrees, but I expect it to cool down soon.

Tracy said...

Thanks for making it feel springy with the damp weather we're having today.

Heather said...

The top flower looks like a snow drop to me. and I"m jealous about the daffodils. One of my favorite flowers ever. Unfortunately I've been to busy (Lazy) to plant them since I moved here almost three years ago. I'll try to fix that this Fall.

A. said...

Well, I guessed wrong! We got our first daffodils in Philly today - already in full bloom! And the lilacs are gearing up, too. I have to restrain myself from planting anything lest we have another surprise blizzard!



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