Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Bunny Poem

I would like to share this poem, which was written by a "once-upon-a-time", very good friend of mine. I left the poem for my two girls one Easter morning a few years ago and declared it was from the "Easter Bunny". The photo above was taken in 2002 (click on image to enlarge).

Hop, Hop, Hop
some bunny was here,
tip-toe, tip-toe, tip-toe,
oh so near!

With chocolate Easter egg dreams,
marshmallow chick wishes,
two special little girls,
jelly bean flavored kisses!

Your Easter surprise is hidden
for you to find.
Look high, look low,
look in front and behind!

To find your surprise,
you'll have to be clever...
Think like a bunny, and
have the best Easter ever!

Jelly Bean Kisses,


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Aww, such a cute poem! Thank you for your lovely comment on my most recent post. I need all the kudos I can get! I'd love to write professionally...maybe that will happen someday. Meanwhile...onward and blogward I guess!

♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

So cute! The poem and the picture.

Tracy said...

I've never heard that poem before. It's really good. I can't believe that was 7 years ago. How time flys.

Janis said...

Awww my little girls are growin up. I remember that poem.


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