Thursday, July 23, 2009

BBO & CL's Top 10 Blogging Ideas

Holy jumpin' beans Batman, has it really been nine whole days since Church Lady's last post?? Well, yes....sadly it has and I have no real excuse other than BBO (blogger burnout). Have any of you bloggers experienced this condition?

There comes a time in every blogger's career when you experience a lull in action, no ideas, all dried up, out of gas. All of these symptoms are commonly known as writer's block and if this is not treated carefully, it could cause your blog to slowly die off. I have come to realize that blogging is like a job and after time, you begin to develop loyal readership that is counting on you to provide content. I am not insinuating that I have a large following of loyal readers. In fact, I blog mainly for my own personal reasons. To me, blogging is the same as keeping a journal of my daily thoughts, activities and memories. They are all documented here....forever. And, I like to share these thoughts with my family, close friends and the many new blogger friends I have come to know. (By the way, did you know that you can create a hard bound booklet of your blog content? Tracey at Nine Acres turned me onto Blurb. Click here to see what Blurb can do for you.) With this being said, I have decided that it's time for me to re-charge my batteries and jump back into blogging! Have no fear...the Church Lady is still here!

For those who may be suffering from BBO (or for some, just BO), here are a few blogging topics from the Church Lady to re-fuel your souls and energize your minds:

1. Blog about something you love or are passionate about (any hobby).

2. Write a review about a product.

3. Blog about an event that you attended or will be attending.

4. Ask a series of questions and ask your readers to take a poll.

5. Post a series of photographs and describe each one.

6. Write a reflection about something.

7. Ask someone to "guest post" on your blog.

8. Vent your feelings about a recent news worthy topic.

9. Write a book or movie review.

10. Post a video of your kids doing something funny.

Any other suggestions?


quilly said...

I like mocking my domestic partner. That's usually good for a laugh or two ... ;)

Thena said...

A new fantastic recipe. That usually gets everyones interest.

The Freedom Writer said...

Go on a shopping spree for new clothes and model them for everyone.

Janis said...

Wow...did you see freedom writers suggestion??? I just may do that one. You have some really good suggestions and the ones above are also good. You never know what happens in a day that would be blog worthy.

Tracy said...

I suffer from BBO a lot it seems, but thanks for all of the good suggestions and putting it into a better perspective for me. If I think of it as a journal for myself, then it seems easier to blog. I like the way Freedom Writer is thinking.

Heather said...

i think half of mine is BBO and the other half laziness. I find that the longer i go without blogging, the easier it is to NOT get back into it. But I'm trying!


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