Sunday, September 27, 2009

16 Years On The 16th

October 16 marks our 16 year wedding anniversary! It has been a few years since we have done anything "special" on our anniversary, so we thought this year we would celebrate with a mini romantic getaway.  My mom graciously offered to keep the girls overnight, so the hubs and I could have some alone time.(THANKS MOM!)  Problem is, neither of us can decide on where to go. Whenever I make a suggestion, he turns his nose up. Whenever he makes a suggestion, I think of a million reasons why his idea is not a good one. So, after sitting down Friday evening on our computers for 2 hours and researching and googling hundreds of places to go and things to do, we came up with 3 ideas.

Now, I am asking you to help us decide. Which of these places would you pick as a mini getaway?? I need to make a decision soon and book reservations. HELP! I love all three of these ideas. Be sure to click each of the links. I am getting excited as I type this. Hurry!!  Oh, and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share!

1. The Bavarian Inn in Sheperdstown, WV.  We would leave Friday morning and head to the historical town of Harper's Ferry for some sightseeing and exploring and then onto the Inn for dinner and a romantic evening. On Saturday we would go into the the town of Sherperdstown and then to nearby Antietam Battlefield.

2.  The AC/DC concert in Washington DC. (Since the tickets to this show are outragiously expensive, we decided that the concert alone would be enough, especially since it is so close to our home). The concert just so happens to fall on our anniversary! We have not seen this band in years and we have always been big fans.  I confess.....I am a church lady who loves her rock-n-roll!!

3. Bed and Breakfast in Amish Country, Lancaster, PA. Check out this place.  We would depart from our home early Friday morning to tour Amish country, check into our room and then go out for a relaxing dining experience. The next day we would go to the PA Renaissance Fair and then head home.

Life's Little Words of Wisdom: Before you make a decision, consider all the facts; seek wise counsel; pray.


♥ watching them blossom said...

Hey girl! I choose #1. I think the AC/DC concert would be fun, but it would be hard to spend some quality time together. And, I think the third you could do anytime since you live so close....just my humble choice :) Congrats on your anniversary!!!!

quilly said...

How about round trip ticket to Hawaii. You can stay in our spare bedroom and sleep on a super plush air bed ... ;)

Sounds to me like you've already chosen the concert.

Shelli said...

I think #1 would be my choice. The Bavarian Inn is really beautiful. Whichever you decide on, enjoy your time together and have a Happy Anniversary!

Colleen C said...

Hey Kelly - I choose #3. The Bed and Breakfast is breathtaking and even though I lived in England, I still love the RenFest. Rick and I always have the same trouble picking somewhere and then we just bag the idea and save the money. Whichever you and Hugh choose, I'm sure you will have a wonderful time! Happy Anniversary, early!

Anonymous said...

We, like your other internet friends, usually can't decide, and just bag the whole idea. But, 16 years deserves something spectacular!We've done the Bavarian Inn and it was very nice,the view was great, so was the in room jacuzzi!!! Then, we had massages at Berkley Springs. Now THAT was a wierd experience. I didn't think there was that much to do in the area, but it was a nice get-away. I also like the Ren Fair idea, can you do both?

Janis said...

Ok, here goes...I think you should relive your teen years and catch the ACDC concert. You n Hugh go way back and ACDC was a group that you both shared during those days of dating. Save the other two choices for your 20 year anniversary.

margaret said...

Hmmm...all other things being equal, I think I would choose #3. But it all depends on what you want. Couple time for reflection, romance and conversation? Then I'd choose #3.

Or are you looking for a bit of #3, but with extra sightseeing and history (re-) learning? Some of the best conversations come from new sights seen and ideas discussed, I find. Door #2 would lend itself to that.

But if you just want to get your rockin' on, hopping around and singing, and aren't looking so much for the quiet/romantic side of things, then AC/DC is the way to go! Whatever you choose, it's the together time that counts and I know you'll have a blast! Congratulations on 16 years; here's to many more!

Oh, and PS? You must have gotten married really young, because my friend, you do not look old enough to be celebrating a 16 year anniversary ;-)

sauerkraut said...

If you do the Ren Fair, you might want to skip the Amish Inn and stay in a B&B closer to the Ren Fair... say in Mt Gretna or Cornwall or Campbelltown so you won't have to deal with all the tourists around Lancaster.

Otherwise, No. 1 is a great choice. Or you could go a little north and east to Gettysburg and stay at the Dobbin House B&B. They also have a great underground restaurant with it's own bubbly stream in the corner.

These Nine Acres said...

#1 is my choice! They all sound fantastic, but somehow AC/DC concert sounds loud and crazy where you wouldn't get to spend quality time talking ;0)

Thena said...

Out of the three, my pick would be #3. I have always been intrigued by the Amish. Would one day love to tour Amish country. To me romantic could also just be to drive about 2-3 hours and stop and see something totally unexpected.

Tracy said...

In my opinion, I think you should go with your first choice. It's probably a beautiful time of year to visit and other couples you know that have gone there said they loved it.

margaret said...

My friend, thank you for the lovely comments on my writing! Hee...I'll keep 'em coming, or try to. Your support means so much!

Re. Padme - wasn't Natalie Portman just perfect?

And now I'm all a-twitter to learn what you guys decide to do for your anniversary! I just realized I goofed above - where I said Door #2, I should've said Door #1 (weekend away with battlefield/historical visit). But I am sure you figured it out, even if I couldn't!

Faye said...

Okay, I vote for window #1. BUT, I think you should go to the AC/DC concert as well--make it your Christmas gift to each other. You can work out the scheduling conflict with the concert. After 16 years together, it's a safe bet that you'll be together at least another month so you can do both! :-)

Love Lancaster but it probably is a madhouse in mid-October. What a great couple you all make--best wishes for many more happy years "living life together in PA."

Thena said...

I just left you an award on my blog. When you get a chance come by and get it.


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