Saturday, October 24, 2009

His Days Are Numbered

Can you guess what animal establishes a harem of up to as many as 12 females?

This animal is native to China and East Asia.

It can run at speeds of 8-10 mph.

It may only live up to 3 years of age.

It eats berries, seeds and insects.

Did you guess yet?

A male is also known as a "rooster or cock".

I'll bet you might know what it is now.

Scroll down for more clues.

They do not migrate and stay relatively local all year.

Still don't know.

More clues.....

Keep scrolling for your daily exercise....

They prefer fields and farmlands with brushy cover.

Both sexes have long pointed tails.

They are much sought after by game hunters.

They are most commonly known as "Ringnecks" and can fly up to 48 mph.

By now, you should have guessed some sort of feathered bird.

If you guessed, pheasant, you are correct!!

Take a look at this fine fellow below. I can tell it is a male because of his red face and colorful body. Most females are brown in color. He was with two other pheasants, but I scared them off before I could snap another photo.  Many pheasants are farm raised and harvested each year to boost population. This poor fellow's days are numbered, as he was released into the nearby park for the game hunting season. Many people around here eat pheasant. I can honestly say that I have made pheasant stew before, but it was nasty! It most certainly did not taste like chicken!


quilly said...

I knew pheasant when I got to Ringneck. I once had roasted pheasant and like you, I didn't care for it much. Too gamey.

He is a pretty bird, though. Nice photo.

Janis said...

Did you run and get your gun? LOL.. good photo.

Tracy said...

Good clues. My answer was correct. That's a great picture. Even though they are farm raised and released, they are still elusive and not often seen.


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