Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain, Romance & Relaxation

Our anniversary weekend was fabulous, considering the nor'easter that hit the Eastern part of the US over the weekend. We left on Friday morning, in the rain. We arrived at our cozy, quaint, B&B Friday afternoon, in the rain. We went to dinner in the rain and we left to come home Saturday, in the rain. You get the point. Instead of the glorious autumn weather weekend I envisioned, it was rainy and cold! BUT, the weather did not ruin our romantic getaway. No siree.  We I was so spoiled. To start, my hubby showered me with gifts:

Not one, but three gifts just for me - a matching bracelet, earings and neclace! Thanks honey! We normally do not get this extravagent on anniversaries. Dinner is usually the extent of our celebration. I really don't know what got into us this year, other than our thinking that this was a "special year" since we were celebrating 16 years on the 16th of October.

Our B&B was better than I expected.  It was not your typical Ma and Pa farm house with creeky wooden floors and loud pipes. This lavish B&B, properly called The Twin Pine Manor, is owned and operated by a single, middle-aged, Mennonite man, named Norman.

Our room, The Grapevine, which is one of  7 other rooms, has a gas fireplace, private deck, and large bathroom with jacuzzi. I will spare you the room "details." The Twin Pine Manor has 3 gathering/recreation rooms, an exercise room, dining room and large kitchen.  Take a quick tour with me:

Our dinner on Friday evening at Lily's On Main, was relaxing and delicious. The caramel apple martinis were to die for!  I loved checking out the Green Dragon Market. There are alot of Amish families in the area, some who work at the Green Dragon selling their wares. It was interesting to talk with them and I just had to purchase some of their homemade items.

Our breakfast Saturday morning was freshly cooked by Carol, a Mennonite friend of Norman's. We met some nice people over breakfast and we chatted with them as we ate and relaxed to the classical tunes on the piano.

FW, CL, Carol & Norman

Our journey home (in the rain) brought us to a local  winery. There could not have been a better way to end our weekend than with some wine sampling and purchasing, plus we needed to stock up the wine rack at home! So you see, the rain didn't bother us one ioda.

I am done bragging giving you the facts about my wonderful anniversary weekend and I promise you won't hear anything similar to this next year! Besides sharing my experience with my best blogger buddies and friends, who are not judgemental at all, everything is now documented right here for my future reference!


quilly said...

I am so sorry about the rain, but if you had to be stuck indoors, you couldn't have picked a more gorgeous place!

Janis said...

Now I know where we are going for our anniversary next year. Thanks for all the info. Look like you had a memorable time.

Thena said...

Rain or no rain, it looks like ya'll had a wonderful time.

Tracy said...

What a beautiful place even on a rainy day. Your hubby did a fine job picking out jewerly for you. Glad you had fun making a memorable 16th anniversary.

These Nine Acres said...

WOWZERS! What a beautiful place. I will have to keep it in mind!

Thanks for sharing with us.

P.S. You are so darn cute.

margaret said...

Um - why won't we hear anything like this next year? This was such a beautiful post!

The older I get, the more I realize that experiences are priceless and, as such, experiences are so much more important than things (and please note that I define jewelry as an experience). *heehee*

Thank you for sharing your beautiful weekend with us! Good job to FW for the awesome gifts. And ditto Tracey - you are so darn cute ;-) Happy, happy anniversary and here's wishing you many more!

hughsr said...

I am soooo happy for you guys. You both looked real comfortable, and Kelly I took notice of the lime half empty bottle on the table with Hughie. You must be doing something right, what ever it is stay with it. Loved the bracelet. 7 rooms, maybe a nice place for a family get away.


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