Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get Motivated!

Have any of you ever been to a Get Motivated seminar?  FW (my hubby) and I had the opportunity to go to one in Hershey, PA two weeks ago. We joined nearly 5,000 people at the Giant Arena for a day-long revival featuring dynamic celebrity speakers such as football hall of famer, Terry Bradshaw, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, master motivator Zig Ziglar and inspirational speaker Robert Schuller. Some of the speakers featured that day were like live infomercials offering books, videos and workshops for a moderate fee, if you wished to "further your education." The business seminar is geared to give you cutting-edge business skills, strategies to improve your financial future and motivational techniques to use in your every day life.

So, you may ask, did FW and I come away from the seminar feeling motivated? Not really. We did, however gain some helpful investing tips from this guy (pictured above), James Smith.  I swear he was a stand-up comedian. He was my favorite speaker of the day, perhaps because he had me laughing my arse off! Overall, we enjoyed the day together. It was uplifting and informational - not so much motivational. If a Get Motivated seminar comes to your home town, go. Tickets are cheap and the celebrity speakers are a plus!


Pamela said...

I really wish I could LMAO. Dieting would be so much more fun.
HA HA HA,, oh look at those cheeks jiggle away.


No. I haven't been to a motivation seminar. I can't get ..uh... motivated to go.

quilly said...

What Pam said -- no motivation to go to a motivational seminar. You tell me multi-speeches and speakers and suddenly I have even less motivation.

Janis said...

I would have loved to see n hear Robert Shuller..I love his hour of power on sunday mornings. He is a very good speaker.

Executive Support said...


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