Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit...Already

We enjoyed a girl's day out on Saturday when my Mom, MIL, sister, my two girls and I attended The Sight & Sound (Millennium)Theatre in Strasburg, PA to see Miracle of Christmas. Dozens of professional actors dressed in elaborate costumes, detailed sets that towered 40 feet high, trained animals and beautiful music brought the show to life. We got to follow Mary and Joseph's biblical journey and witness the miraculous birth of Jesus. The show had an abundance of angels which flew above the audience and live animals, including camels, horses, goats, sheep, & cows that walked right down the aisles.

The theatre is grandly decorated with a 30 foot Christmas Tree, nativity scenes, lights and greenery and you can't help but feel that Christmas Spirit.

Our first stop before the show, was to the Hershey Farm for dinner and shopping. The Rockvale Outlets were nearby and we had some time to kill there also.

It was a fun and fulfilling day and the show was spectacular! Better than broadway, in my opinion! If you ever get to the Lancaster area of PA, the Sight & Sound Theatre should be on your list of things to do for sure. Click here to see what is currently playing.


Janis said...

I am ready to do it was a wonderful time.

These Nine Acres said...

Great pics! Can I go next year?

Tracy said...

Looks like Carley had a blast (ha! ha!) Great pictures. Let's do that again next year.

quilly said...

I would love to see this show, but not yet. I believe that we should celebrate the birth, death & life of Christ every day, year round. The commercialism of starting everything so early is all about money, not God. Amoeba and I have stopped participating. We exchange only one gift and I cannot be expensive, which puts more emphasis on it being thoughtful.

farider said...

It looks like a wonderful time with the girls and a great way to get started on the Christmas spirit.

The Freedom Writer said...

How did those two little devils get into the pictures? Just kidding, they are my sweet little angels.


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