Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leaf Raking 101

If you ever decide to build your dream home on a secluded wooded lot in the country, remember where there are trees, there are leaves....lots and lots of leaves.

Oh how we love the beautiful green tree foliage that provides much needed shade from the brutal hot Summer sun and clean air to breath. But, following the Summer season comes Autumn and much colder temps, which cause the lush green foliage to eventually turn brown and fall to the ground. Layers and layers of brown crunchy leaves lay gently atop the green grassy lawn, and in order to keep the green grassy lawn, the leaves must be removed before Spring.

Every year, FW (hubby) spends countless hours raking, gathering and ridding the leaves from the yard the good "old fashioned way" and every year this handy tool  made perfect for the job, fails him.

Today, on this glorious balmy fall day, the entire family joined in the process, including our yellow lab, Inspector Cooper.

Initially, FW mows the entire 2 acres of lawn, mulches the leaves and blows them into several piles with a gasoline powered leaf blower.

Then, the leaves are raked onto a tarp.

After Cooper's inspection for varmint or hidden Scooby Snacks...

the leaves are taken deep into the woods and dumped.

Cooper gets some lovin' for being a good inspector.

Uh oh, what's this? I still see another leaf hanging onto the branch of a maple tree!


Pamela said...

I'm showing this to my husband right now.
I jilted him today in the yard (he raked and I ran away to the store)

but, ours is nothing like this. You need a riding mower to chew all that up for compost.
(I hate raking if there is doggy doo in it)

quilly said...

Now you know why they call them leaves and not takes. ;)

Jan n Jer said...

Beautiful in the spring,summer n fall..but work work work when they are done. I dont have that many since we took down our big maple. I just mow n grind the ones that are there. EASY Good thing FW has some helpers!


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