Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Our trampoline is 6 years old. It is still in good condition, but the enclosure net had become worn and dry rotted and was ripped and falling down. We made the decision to take the net down completely, as it was only providing a false sense of security. I will eventually look into replacing the net, but it may be hard to locate one for a trampoline that is over 6 years old.  Plus, a new net can be quite costly. It may be more cost effective to purchase a trampoline/net combo. And, I am not sure at this age and stage of my children's lives that I want to be replacing a yard toy. So, for now we are net-less and safety-less, at least until Spring. I have stressed the importance of the "new" trampoline rules and I can only hope and pray that being net-less does not result in any broken bones.


hulagirlatheart said...

It would appear the dog is a little fuzzy on the new rules. The pictures are all great, but I LOVE the last one.

Janis said...

Flirting with danger...would be a great title for this post. Can only say this makes me nervous. A new net is worth preventing a broken bone..or spinal or head injury...nuff said. Now Don't cuss me! LOL BTW great photos

margaret said...

Hi my friend! When I saw your post title, I thought "Oh NO! Church Lady has lost her Internet connection! What will I do until she's back blogging again?" Then I read the post *giggle* Now, I'm not a mom (to humans at least) so I am in no position to advise on the presence of absence of a net here. I do adore trampolines though! Do they make them for adults? *giggle*

quilly said...

I love the pose with puppy as pillow.

I grew up with a trampoline long before there were nets. No one ever got hurt -- although I did break a friend's fall once by allowing her to land on me. I actually ran forward to catch her when I realized she was coming off the trampoline backward.


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