Monday, April 26, 2010

Paint, Hot Tub & Mountain Pies

I do hope this Monday finds everyone well and refreshed from a wonderful weekend. After a full Saturday of painting our master bathroom, FW and I soaked in the outdoor hot tub for about 30 minutes to ease our aching joints and stiff backs. It does not help that I went to a Zumba class on Friday evening and my muscles were already aching. Ahhhhh, the joys of aging. 

I can finally say that our master bathroom is complete - trim work and all. We painted it a buttery yellow and the trim is white. Our cabinets and tile are white too making it so very bright and cheery. This is just one of the many unfinished and ongoing projects around our home. I find it so rewarding when I we complete a house project. It gives us such a sense of accomplishment and pride and joy and relief.

The aroma of our patio campfire filled the evening air as we soaked our sore muscles in the steaming hot tub and sipped our glasses of wine. It is such a wonderful way to wind down and relax. Thank you God for these blessings.

The girls had begged their daddy to build a campfire only for them to quickly lose interest and become involved in watching the animated movie Planet 51. So, after our relaxing soak, FW and I continued our evening alone outside on the patio enjoying the peace and quiet as we slowly became entranced by the glowing embers and flickering flames. We soon grew hungy and that's when we decided to make mountain pies over the campfire.  

If you aren't a hick from the country like me, you may have never heard of mountain pies. Basically, mountain pies consist of bread, butter and fillings and are cooked over the open fire, or "faar", as it is commonly pronounced in this neck of the woods. Mountain pie filling can be anything from cheese and pepperoni to apple pie filling or anything leftover in yer fridge that you can stuff between two slices of bread.  We have a special cast iron sandwich maker that we use to cook our "pies" over the open fire.  I'm not sure if it was the wine or the pot, sex, hot tub, but those mountain pies that we cooked were so dang good, I am still thinking about them today!

Here is our Saturday Night Special Mountain Pie recipe:

2 slices bread, buttered on the outside
Inside filling: 2 tablespoons pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese
slice tomato
slice onion

Cook in pie iron over open fire until bread is lightly browned and crisp and the cheese is ooozing out. *drool*


Jan n Jer said...

Yummmmm...making me hungry just looking at um!

quilly said...

I love those! Can one still buy those sandwich irons? When we were kids we used to put ground spam, dill pickle, onion and mayo between the bread slices. Yum!

These Nine Acres said...

Yummo! You are blessed to have such a nice, relaxing home. One day we will get there!

Thena said...

I have never heard of a sandwich iron. Looks delicious though. Megan has gotten me hooked on grilled turkey and swiss cheese. Yum!!
Thought there might have been pics of your hard work painting the bathroom.
Our master bathroom, and kitchen is also yellow, and I love it.
One day I will paint the dining room to match the kitchen.

Tracy said...

It's fun having "mountain pies" as a meal. I need to clean ours up and get it ready for the summer season. They're always a big hit with the kids

margaret said...

Hello my friend! Thank you so much for thinking of me while I was away. Now, this hot tub sounds fabulous. What time should I come over? I'll bring my own towel and water wings and appropriate mountain pie filling. I had never heard of mountain pie - thank you for explaining! Sounds yummy! I never met a bread/cheese combo I didn't like ;-) So - with promises of better blogging - have a great evening!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Apple pie filling in mine, please.

Sigh. I miss our hottub.


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