Wednesday, May 26, 2010

24 Reasons Why I Should Adpot a Little Dog

Not sure why, but lately I have been having the I want a little dog syndrome and that thought has not left my mind since, well, for a while now. As most of you know, we already have one big very large yellow labrador retriever and of course, I love him to death and wouldn't trade him for the world.  I don't care for his constant shedding, and the mess he makes and the fact that he NEVER listens. So, the thought of wanting another dog has me wondering... why?? I thought making this list would help persuade my husband me in making the right choice.

1. I would be adopting or rescuing a dog that needs a good home.
2. My current dog, Cooper needs a play mate.
3. Church Lady needs a play mate.
4. The kids need a play mate.
5.  Little dogs are cute (just look at the Tea-Cup Yorkie in the photo!).
6.  I can take the little dog with me practically everywhere.
7.  I can dress up the little dog in cute little doggie clothing.
8.  I can put the little dog in one of those cute little dog strollers.
9.  Little dogs are great companions.
10. A smaller dog can cuddle up on your lap and sleep in your bed. (well, maybe not my bed)
11. They give you unconditional love.
12. Smaller dogs don't eat as much food.
13. Little dog = little poop.
14. They make you smile.
15. Church Lady needs a play mate.

Ok, I could only come up with 15 reasons, (technically 14 - I threw that last one in for good measure) but they are 15 very good reasons, don't ya think?


Janis said...

You forgot to list the expense of an added pet!!!! Clear you head girl!

Tracy said...

Stop contemplating...just do it! You only need one reason for getting another dog and that is because you want to.

Debs said...

You can treat a little dog more like a little baby.

~Swampy~ said...

You go girl ! As far as I'm concerned, you only need one reason, but all of those are good ones.

That corgi :) said...

all look like very good reasons to get one :) I follow another blog who recently got a small dog(the breed escapes me right now) and is enjoying it (maybe even more so than the bigger dogs in the household :)

when you get your new little one, do post a picture :)


Sayre said...

Yes, but will your husband buy this list??

Cheeseboy said...

You should do it! Little dogs are people too. Or, I mean dogs too.

These Nine Acres said...

No. Not good reasons at all.

Poop is poop is poop...little or not.


quilly said...

I had a yellow lab and my former MIL had a tiny Pomeranian. The two dogs were best friends. The Pomeranian walked between the lab's two front feet and they trotted every where together.

gayle said...

Think very carefully my friend!! My girlfriend has a little tiny cute dog and she is totally in love with him. She can't leave home without him. :)


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