Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shoot Me #21 of 52

 I am pictured here with my youngest daughter, whom I often refer to as "Nature Girl". Even at this age, she still doesn't mind giving her mama hugs and kisses. She is my cuddle bug!

Is it Thursday already? Every Thursday I will be participating in "Shoot Me" hosted by Forever In Blue Jeans. You too can play. Click here to sign up and to see the other participants. Here are the rules:

Shoot Me! It's time to stop hiding behind that camera of yours. Your family is missing you in the picture. So it's time to post a picture of YOU (yes, you) every Thursday with your child, your spouse, your friend, your dog, or even by yourself. Just get in the picture, you'll be glad you did!


Janis said...

Great shot...was it taken on vacation?? Yep ur right, nature girl is a cuddle bug, hope she stays that way.

Pamela said...

The next time I get together with my three daughters, I'm going to get a portrait for Shoot Me.

I hope I remember to play

Kim said...

What a sweet photo! I also love your blog background and header, very cheery! Have a great weekend.

That corgi :) said...

so sweet!! always neat to have a cuddler/hugger in the family :)


Anonymous said...

Very sweet!! I love her dress.

Cheeseboy said...


Jan said...

You two are too cute.


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