Friday, October 22, 2010

Lover Boy

Some of you already know my lover boy very well. For those who do not, allow me to introduce him to you.

His name is Cooper and he is always cooperative when posing for pictures, as long as you have a scooby snack in your hand!

Cooper is my big 95 pound, yellow lab who loves to be loved. He is most happy when he is sitting upon your foot or attempting to climb on your lap. Basically, he is most happy when he is with people.

Cooper loves to be loved.

He will gladly introduce himself to you by shaking your hand with his big clumsy paw.

He will rub up against you and leave behind a nice layer of Cooper hair on your brand new black slacks.

He will greet you with his head hung low and his butt and tail a waggin' just waiting...waiting patiently for you to pet him and say "Hello Cooper" and then he will patiently wait for you to rub his belly and pat his behind.

Cooper loves to be loved.

Cooper also loves to wander the neighborhood. Even though we own over 2 acres of property, he obviously does not think it is enough territory for him. So, FW and I made the decision to "fence-in" a portion (1 acre) of our property to keep him contained. Afterall, it is proper pet responsibility to keep him on our property and to keep him safe as well. This fence, however, is not your typical wooden or chain link fence. It is an underground electric dog fence system. The fence provides freedom and safety for our lover boy and it is effective. With this system, Cooper wears a correction collar that receives a signal from the wire and warns him if he ventures too close to the boundary line.

Currently, we are in the training stage. Cooper has caught on quickly. With the proper training, we can begin to leave him unsupervised in the yard so that he will have the freedom to run and play or just hang out under his favorite shade tree!

We love Cooper and cherish our time with him. He is now over 3 years old and has settled into a regular daily routine. Cooper definitely has a good, loving home and we look forward to many years with him.

Cooper is loved. He is family.


quilly said...

I once had a pink-nosed yellow lab. I would love to come and hug Cooper, rub his belly and pat his behind. He has a wonderful smile! What a sweetheart.

Janis said...

Good Old Cooper, he will be happy with all that freedom. Yep he sure has left me plenty of hair on my pants, car, drink, purse..etc etc! He is a good boy!(sometimes)

That corgi :) said...

Cooper looks like a happy dog! good idea with the fence! I think it is the best of both worlds; he gets an area where he can be free and "independent" and you still have the openness of your land without a structured fence splitting it up. Great idea!!


Cheeseboy said...

If I were ever to get a dog, it would be a lab. If I were to ever get a lab, I'd want one just like Cooper. What a handsome, friendly dog!

Deborah Ann said...

Cooper is stunning! I love yellow labs. They are the sweetest dogs!

Anonymous said...

Cooper looks so healthy!

Sarah said...

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