Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meet "Carl"

Many of you may not know this and it may come as a SHOCK to my family, but there is no better time than now to introduce you to MY SON "Carl". Carl is 14 years old. He loves to ride bikes, play in the mud, jump off his friend's house onto the trampoline and catch things on fire. This is a family secret I have been hiding for years. So forgive me for not telling you all sooner about "Carl". Here are some RECENT PHOTOS of "Carl". 

He may look a little on the feminine side and that is probably because "Carl", (aka, my daughter Carley/Funny Girl) is REALLY A GIRL!

The fact of the matter is, CARLEY has been NICKNAMED "Carl" by her friends, and I admit, I have called her this a few times myself. But, I am not and I repeat, not trying to persuade her to dress and act like a boy when she is in fact a beautiful young woman. This story may sound all too familiar to some of you JOLIE/PITT fans. You can check that Hollywood story out here if you want to.

ALL KIDDING ASIDE, "Carl" is all girl. She is very fashion oriented as she meticulously plans out her outfits every day just as any NORMAL 14 year old girl would do. She takes a long time to get ready for school in the morning, as she goes through her daily beauty regimen; applying her makeup just so and combing and brushing and ironing her hair. She has a BOYFRIEND. And she is quite bitchy moody.

What possessed her to dress up LIKE A BOY is beyond me. But it makes me giggle. And although she is all girl, she does enjoy doing some boy things like PLAYING IN THE MUD and performing mini Pinky Tuscadero stunts from time to time!


Jan n Jer said...

LOL...that girl (Carl) does have quite the sense of humor!

Silver Strands said...

So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loved reading about "Carl". My youngest, Azure (a girl), dressed up so convincingly like a boy one day and did a little break dancing on video. We posted it and sent it to our grown son, introducing him to his newest brother. We have one adopted child, so he was totally convinced we'd adopted another! My Azure is every bit as feminine as your Carley - I think that's what makes them so convincing :)
Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day, and I'm so glad I got pulled over to visit with you!

Tracy said...

Love the boxers, Carl!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

LOL. You never know what teenagers are going to do!

That corgi :) said...

okay, you had me for just a minute, I'm thinking "hmmmmmm" when I saw the pictures, but then on one I recognized your daughter. I think its a fun way she's using her imagination to be "Carl". Good clean harmless fun :)


gayle said...

She is a doll!! I love her nickname......I've always wanted one!!


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