Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Monday - Let's Talk Christmas

Julie from Another Chance Ranch is our Fun Monday hostess this week and she wants to talk Christmas! More specifically, Julie wants to know when we decorate for Christmas, if we have a theme and if we go "all out".  

Well Jules, I am a creature of habit. And year after year after year, you will see my home decorated for Christmas the weekend following Thanksgiving. Never the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, as I am one of those crazy people who awake at the crack of dawn to go out amongst the maddening crowd for all of those amazing door buster sales! Yes, I know, crazy. But fun. At least for me.

Anyhow, I usually never get all of my decorations up in one day. It sometimes takes me a whole weekend to completely decorate my home and then I tweek it throughout the week. It is ALOT of work. But, I so enjoy each and every one of my decorations and it gives me great joy to adorn my home with items that symbolize the Christmas season.  

We have two artificial trees. We used to get a fresh cut tree, but I invested in artificial ones a few years ago due to the ease of setting them up and taking them down. We put one tree in our family room, which is decorated with a collection of ornaments from every special place we've visited and traveled. The other tree is decorated with ornaments my two teen girls have collected since they were babies and it sits in the upstairs hallway balcony.

I put candles in the windows, wreaths on the doors and lighted garland inside and out.  I also have an array of Christmas dishes, table wear and linens. I always enjoy getting each of these items out and using them clear through January 1st.  They all get neatly tucked away in my 20 gallon totes (all 5 of them) New Year's day. The trees come down too.  I am usually so sick of the added clutter by January 1st that I can't wait to take it all down!
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Jan n Jer said...

Your trees and house is always so festive and tastefully decorated every year. It is a lot of work and I am the same way...tired of the extra clutter an ready to take it all down by the week after christmas.

Faye said...

Your tree is magical, CL. Just this morning I was looking at some window candles in Plow and Hearth catalog. Love the looks of them shining in the windows for the holiday season. Although I don't decorate, I'll be getting out my sister's many 20 gal containers of Christmas so she can do her apartment on Thanksgiving weekend.

Sayre said...

Your tree is beautiful! But I agree with you, I'm tired of teh extra clutter after a while. Since I don't decorate until mid-December, mine usually last until mid-January!

Stefanie said...

Wow!!! I love you tree!! How pretty. I would love to have the whole house decorated, but it just wears me out.

That corgi :) said...

I love the themes of your trees! very creative! I'm with you; I like the smell of the live tree, but the artificial trees are just so convenient, especially the prelit ones!! bet it is all gorgeous when it is all decorated!


Jill said...

very cool-- i have put off buying special dishes--it intrigues me though!

Tracy said...

Your house always looks great for Christmas. can't wait for our trip to Cross Creek Farms to buy more Christmas decorations.

joangee said...

I love to see Christmas trees in all their splendour. Yours look wonderful, thanks for sharing.
Thought I'd also let you know that Advocaat is called eggnog
Here's a link to a recipe for it

Qtswede said...

I love your style! It's gorgeous. I wouldn't mind a tree like that one day - this year, I'm making a bunch & going country style with lots of wired ribbon & bird nests & stars. Part of this is due to the fact that my youngest will be 2 in January & I'm a little afraid to hang my pretty glass.


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