Saturday, January 15, 2011


Here in my household, we are divided between the Ravens and Steelers. Both, are admittedly great NFL teams, right? But, being a Baltimore native, my heart still belongs to the Ravens. Here is a little humor for today, given the Ravens are going to kick some Steelers butt!

       (Funny Face with her BFF Mic - on left)                                             (FW & Nature Girl)

After his death, Ben Roethlisberger went to heaven to meet God. God took him to a humble house with a faded Steelers’ flag matching the faded black and gold paint on the house.

"This is where you will spend eternity." God told Ben. "...It's an honor to have a great quarterback like you up here in heaven."

 Ben smiled as he entered his eternal home, until he saw the house next door. It was a huge mansion trimmed in purple with giant Ravens' banners from the peaks of the roof. In the driveway was a collection of purple sports cars, all with giant Ravens painted on the hood.

"I don't understand" Ben told God. "How does Flacco rate a place like that?"

God looked sternly at Ben and said "That's my house."


Janis said...

What a nail biter game today...lots of disappointed Ravens fans!

~SwAmPy~ said...

Do you think God might have several houses ? Maybe blue and silver for the Cowboys and orange and blue for the Broncos, perhaps ?


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