Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Monday - Unfinished Business

From the mundane to the emotional, from paneling the basement walls to patching it up with the brother in Virginia you haven't spoken to since you voted for Carter and he didn't, unfinished business is something left undone or incomplete. It even can haunt you. Ari, our Fun Monday hostess wants to know, What's your unfinished business?

Unfinished business is something we all have and addressing unfinished business takes intention. Perhaps it is taking the time to write that thank-you note, repaying a debt, visiting a friend or family member, making good on a promise, or even completing that unfinished home improvement project. It's all about time management and making the time to attend to the matter.

My list of unfinished business begins in the home. I posted about it here this time LAST YEAR!  It is a project that was never checked off the "to do list". And here we are a year later and hoping to get this unfinished business completed once and for all!

We are in the process of completing construction on our fitness room located in the lower level of our home. Currently there are four painted walls, two windows, duct work, lighting and television. The ceiling has yet to be dry walled. The trim work has to be done. Flooring needs to be installed. And two doors put in place. Then, we can assemble our Vectra multi-station gym equipment that has been sitting for over a year in the back of the basement collecting dust and not doing me a bit of good!

This project will soon be one matter of unfinished business we can finally check off the "to do list".  And now onto the rest of my unfinished business....organize photos, design and print a blog book, clean out the office, clean out the playroom, trim toe nails and pluck nose hair, (hee hee - just making sure you are paying attention) donate unwanted clothing and household items to charity,  research ways to reduce monthly bills, re-configure monthly budget .......etc, etc.

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quilly said...

If you're going to be doing all that finishing work, you won't need the exercise equipment in order to stay in shape!

Faye said...

Who-oo! That first close-up of the fitness equipment was scary! But how great to have a pleasant place where you can get your workout in w/o leaving home. I checked out a couple of gyms, but couldn't stand the noise and confusion. Do love the calmness of my pilates studio. When you figure out how to do a blog book I hope you'll do a tutorial for we less techy people. I'm to the point in blogging where I'd be very upset if I lost all the posts I've written. Had a virus scare on Saturday that really reminded me. BTW, I can deal with my own nose hairs! :-)

Loved your first point-dealing with unfinished business "takes intention." How true.

Jill said...

Oh my. I say set up the stuff and work out while your hubby finishes the room? Lol.

Cheeseboy said...

I'd LOVE to have that room in my basement. So awesome. Good luck getting it done.

Sayre said...

Wonderful fitness room! I just have a treadmill in my livingroom - it doesn't even point at a TV... Needless to say, it doesn't get used much.

Molly said...

Congratulations on the fitness room. it looks like you are almost finished.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Looks exciting! I love having exercise equipment in an area where it's actually used.

ari_1965 said...

That looks like a neat gym system.

Ah, the great organize the photos project. People have started one weekend to organize their photos and have never been heard from again.

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karisma said...

WOW! That is going to be some workout room when its done. My man has his set up all over the place! LOL Some in the office, some under our bed, some outside! Everytime I clear a space he shoves something else new there. Le sigh! I would love for him to have a room like that. BUT he has enough rooms already!


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