Friday, January 14, 2011

What My Kids (and Me) Are Listening To

Most of the music my kids listen to I can barely tolerate. It's the pop music of today - the rap singers and young teeny boppers with barely mature voices. Don't get me wrong, I do like some of the music. (I said some) And sometimes I find myself boppin' my head, singing along and dancing in the seat of my car when "their" music is playing on the radio. But, one musical group we all agree on is the band Skillet.  They are a edgy, hard rock Christian band with a style much like Linkin Park and P.O.D. The band formed in 1996, they have made 8 albums and won 2 Grammy's. Their lyrics are clean and meaningful and their music makes me feel Awake and Alive! Take a listen and become a "Pan Head" like I did. 

Skillet:: Awake and Alive from Adamson.TV on Vimeo.


Janis said...

Great way to reach the teens with words of praise to God (with a rocker edge)

joangee said...

AS someone once said, "why should the devil have all the good music."

Jennifer said...

Like them, thanks! She sounds like Evanessencelead singer in a way. Thansk for sharing.

~SwAmPy~ said...

I have a difficult time calling it "music." The kids definition and my definition don't exactly mean the same. We are in a stage of our life where kids' music isn't played at our house, so the genres stay pretty much in the realm of what 'old people' enjoy. Will check out "Skillet"


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