Monday, April 11, 2011

Pink Roses

Free photo texture provided here - thanks to my mom!

Recently one of my closest friend's mom passed away after suffering for quite some time with Alzheimer's disease. She was only 68 years old. I didn't know her mom that well because I had only met her a few times. But what I learned about her through my good friend was that she was a spectacular lady who loved and lived for her family and for the Lord.

I attended her funeral last week. A bouquet of soft pink roses adorned the top of her white casket. It was beautiful. The funeral service was held in her mom's hometown country church in which she raised her family of four children. The service was personal and sentimental. My friend spoke about her mom and read many of her mom's favorite Bible scriptures. Honestly, I don't know how she could stand up in front of everyone and speak so eloquently the way she did without breaking down. Her mom's spirit was definitely with her. She knew her mom wanted her funeral to be a time of celebration of her life and entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.  

Throughout the service, I couldn't help but think deep about my own mortality; how I am not getting any younger and how my parents are aging. I am so lucky to have both of my parents alive and aging well. I never want to take that for granted. I pray daily thanking God for this blessing. I still think of my good friend and how she has lost both of her parents within a year of each other and I am reminded that our time here on earth is short.

After the graveside service, everyone was given a pink rose from the casket bouquet to take home as a memento to her life and death.  Rest in peace, dear Brita.

On a side note, I found this interesting website that will calculate your life expectancy. I just may live to be 83 years old and if I'm lucky 92. Click here if you want to calculate how long you could live.


quilly said...

Lovely photo -- and that sounds like the kind of service I hope they hold when I pass. I just hope I live my life in such a way that it is worthy of celebrating.

That corgi :) said...

so sorry about your friend's mother; what a beautiful flower! I like the funeral, how it focused it seemed on her relationship with God rather than what she just achieved in life.


Jan n Jer said...

Very nice tribute and sentiments. Never take life for truly is a gift from God. Thats a great photo and just love love that texture!!! Now I am going over to see how much longer I have here on this earth (of course only God knows that) but its fun to see anyway!

gayle said...

One of my girlfriend's mom died this week! It's always hard when a loved one passes away!

They quiz was fun!

Love your new header!

Georgia Girls said...

When good people pass from us, you can actually feel a little bit of goodness leave the earth. I've always found funerals to be very comforting and uplifting--personal mixed with a religious message at the end. If I didn't know them real well, I'm often left thinking I wish I had!

I expect to live a long time, but live and plan as though these were my last days. The less decisions the family has to make the better.


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