Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy Is My Middle Name

Anyone who has teenagers knows how crazy life can be. I am currently living in the "can you take me here", "can you take me there" "can my friends come over?" "can all 10 of my friends come over?" "I need money for this"  "I need money for that", yada yada yada phase.  

My life is busy. I don't think I am ever home for more than a few hours at a time. So, it's no wonder my blog has suffered and I do apologize for not visiting my favorite bloggers in a while. I promise to make my rounds to all of you very soon, as I do miss you all.

Nothing brings me more joy than sitting here at my computer and journaling/blogging about my daily life. It is an outlet for writing down my thoughts and feelings and being able to share them with the entire blogoshpere, all five of my faithful followers. 

I was going to post about my weekend adventure to Dover Delaware. Then I thought about writing about how my SIL and FIL are planting this humungous garden and how they will be preserving their vegetables. That is a post in and of itself. I promise you will be intrigued.

But alas, it is late and I am tired. So, I bid you all a good nite. I do hope to get my groove on here real soon. I long as I'm not too busy.


That corgi :) said...

while I miss reading your adventures, I always think we need to put real life first and blogs second, so go for it and be busy, taking your girls here and there, etc. You will blink and they will be graduated from high school, so enjoy these years when they need you and want you as part of their lives! blogs are always here so don't worry, just go out and enjoy your life and kids!


Jan n Jer said...

I second that pases so quickly and these are precious times. One day you will look back and wish you were still as busy! Take my word for it! Been there done that. Just keep making these happy (stressful) moments as a family.:)

Pamela said...

I've not traveled much in the east -- but spent quite a bit of time in Dover, DE when a son-in -law was in the airforce, and my daughter was producing babies and going to school.

Teenagers really turn your hair gray. Hope you have a good hair person. ha ha

Georgia Girls said...

Do you feel like your front door is a revolving door or feel like your garage door opener will wear out?

I was out of it last week as well -- had my daughter and her kiddies here all week.

Cheeseboy said...

Well, as one of my favorite blogs, I thank you for carrying on. Can't wait to see this garden!

karisma said...

I can totally relate to what you are saying, teenagers and all. I also have not had much time for blogging, my reader is so full I am not sure I will be able to catch up with all I have missed. The garden post does sound intriguing though, I shall keep my eyes peeled for that one! Hugs xoxox

quilly said...

I am blogging less and living more, and I have to say I like it!


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