Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrations and Dedications

God surely did bless us here in Southern Pennsylvania with some gorgeous sunshine and balmy temps this past weekend. And it's about time too, as it has been a very wet and cool start to spring. Everyone is so anxious to plant their flowers, mow the lawn and just be in the outdoors.

My weekend was a busy one. It was a weekend for celebrating. We celebrated my grandma Jean's 85th birthday at the John's Hopkins Club in Baltimore, MD. She certainly is one beautiful lady whom I admire greatly.  Today, I dedicate this post to her. We love you Grandma Jean and wish you a birthday full of blessings!

Because today is Mom's Day, it was another great reason for celebrating! My sister invited my mama and I to her house for a scrumptious breakfast in honor of Mother's Day. She sure can fix a killer omelet! Thanks Sis! I then accompanied my mama to church for some spiritual nourishment. The day got better when we went for flowers and took time out for an ice cold beer on the back patio. Did I mention that I have the coolest mom ever? All in all my Mother's Day was nice. I pretty much did what I wanted to do...a nap...a walk...and a delicious grilled steak dinner.

I hope all you mom's enjoyed your day as well. I would like to dedicate this video to all you mom's out there. We sang this old hymn in church today and I swear I overheard someone say I sounded just like Carrie Underwood. Ha! Grab some tissues and a blanket cause I'm certain this song will send chills up your spine and tears to your eyes. I dedicate it to my mama. Happy Mothers Day and thanks for hanging out with me today!


That corgi :) said...

Your grandmother is a beautiful woman! Happy birthday to her! So cool to be able to celebrate her 85th birthday like this! The cake looks interesting, not sure if it was the way the picture was taken, but it looks like a loaf type of cake? I bet it was delicious!

And what a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day for you and your family!! I bet that breakfast was delicious and to go to church and sing that wonderful song would have made a great day a fantastic day!! Sounds like you had an awesome Mother's Day if you were able to "sneak" a nap in too!!

enjoy the week ahead!


Tracy said...

Jean's celebration was nice. It was fun getting dressed up and feeling pretty. Your pictures turned out great. Sounds like your Mother's Day was nice, too. I think the weather contributed to our good moods.

Jan n Jer said...

How sweet...The pics of Jean turned out great...she has lived a nice long life!
Now onto our Mothers Day.. as I sit here with tears streaming down my cheeks listening to this hymn. I am so very blessed to have spent such a wonderful Day with the very people I love the most. I thank God everyday! It was an awesome Day!!! :)

Georgia Girls said...

What a lovely day(s)! What a compliment to sound like Carrie -- in any way, shape, or form. :)

Pamela said...

perfect make up -- dressed so prettily. another one of those women who make us feel guilty for skipping the lipstick and throwing on the sweats.


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