Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shoot Me ~ Tour Of Baltimore

During FW and I's latest motorcycle excursion, we headed to Baltimore, MD - the city I was born in.  

Since moving to Pennsylvania over 8 years ago, friends joke with me that I rarely travel outside of my 10 mile radius. And they are right. I am happy and comfortable in my small town rural setting.  But every once in a while I find it a treat to go into the big city and since we live so close (only an hour's drive), it was the perfect destination for our Saturday bike ride.

Having lived in the Baltimore suburban area until I reached middle school age, I didn't really spend much time "sightseeing" or visiting any of Baltimore's historic landmarks. FW, on the other hand works in the city almost on a daily basis, so going into the city is really no big deal for him.

I was thrilled to be riding on the back of the bike watching the bussle of people and looking at all the old architecture that aligns the city streets.  I find the city fascinating and so rich with history. Our 4-hour tour was way too short,  but we managed to stop at Fort McHenryFederal Hill ParkFell's Point, and Canton's O'donnell Square.  I am so ready for part II of my Tour of Baltimore! Oh and if you live nearby, you must visit Mamas on The Halfshell in Canton. They have the best fried green tomatoes and Orange Crush drink!

1st stop for breakfast

Overlooking the Key Bridge from Ft. McHenry

The thirteen star flag flying proudly over Ft. McHenry

Overlooking Baltimore's Inner Harbor from Federal Hill Park

Drinking a Natty Bo at Max's in Fell's Point

View of Inner Harbor from Federal Hill

Leaving Canton's O'donnell Square 

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Lois Evensen said...

Looks like a grand time! :)))

hip-chick said...

I was in inner harbor once with my mum and my sister. It was beautiful. I never thought I liked neon until I went there. So pretty.

Faye said...

What a grand day you must have had Kelly. Baltimore is a great walking around town, but with your wheels you saw history up closer than I. One of my oldest friends works for an architectural firm near the harbor which made him a good tour guide.

Hope you're enjoying your new job and what's left of summer. Give Cooper a big hug for me.

The Freedom Writer said...

The Star Spangled Banner: This Flag became the Official United States Flag on May 1st,1795. Two stars were added for the admission of Vermont (the 14th State on March 4th, 1791) and Kentucky (the 15th State on June 1st, 1792, and was to last for 23 years.
It was a great day Kelly, thanks for the great pictures.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Looks like a great trip.

Jennifer said...

Love all the pics. Beautiful. Looks like a wonderful trip.

Tracy said...

Great pics. I agreee. Baltimore is rich with history and architecture. It's fun touring the area and refreshing your 8th grade history knowledge. What a fun day spent with your hubby.

Marice said...

WOW! What a great trip! The scenery are amazing :) thanks for sharing!

Desw2331 said...

You were in my 'hood! I drive in Baltimore City 5 days a week. Next time you should visit Mt. Vernon and the Walters (my employer). It is great fun! I can give your restaraunt reccomendations if you come to Mt. Vernon, too!!!

Mama Zen said...

That picture of the flag is breathtaking!

Jan n Jer said...

Great pics Kel...looks like a great mini tour of Charm City! We should all go down to Canton and spend the day sometime...its a neat place! After working in downtown Balto for so many years...I was really burned out..Now I am ready to go back n enjoy what it has to offer!

Georgia Girls said...

Oh I love Baltimore. I lived in DC once and was able to travel there. Beautiful. Beautiful pictures too. I'm glad you had a great time. :D Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

gayle said...

Looks like you had a great time! Love your pictures!

Pamela said...

It hasn't been a year for traveling -- so I appreciate seeing through your eyes!


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