Friday, November 18, 2011

Cheer Fear

Every time I see my sweet, petite little girl (Nature Girl pictured on left) being tossed in the air like a big rubber ball, I hold my breath and pray real hard. Even though the stunt may only last but a few seconds, it's all I can do to watch.

Statistics show that cheerleaders -- who today more closely resemble gymnasts than the pompom-waving, megaphone-yelling leaders of yesteryear -- suffer more serious injuries than any other female athletes.

Nature Girl is not a rookie cheerleader. She has a few years of cheering experience, but this is her first year for being a "flyer" on the squad, which means she gets tossed in the air - - ALOT. She certainly does love the sport and she loves flying too! She likes when I video tape the stunts so she can see just how high she goes!

And while I enjoy watching her, I always breathe a sigh of relief when her feet are safely planted on the ground.


That corgi :) said...

I'd be with you, breathing a sigh of relief when she was through "flying". I did hear that cheerleading did cause the majority of injuries for girls from our pastor whose 13 y/o daughter broke her leg in two cheer practice (I'm not sure how the accident happened).

I do know though that God does hear your prayers! Keep praying for her safety while Nature Girl cheers. She makes a great looking cheerleader!


Janis said...

I know Nature girl loves to cheer n fly...buuuuutttttt...I worry about the danger of it! Her squad has done a great job so the gives me a little comfort! Just hold your breath n say a prayer for her safety!!!!


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