Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Old Man Winter...You Are Not Welcome Here!

No one was really expecting to be hit with such a nasty winter storm this past weekend here in Southern Pennsylvania, especially since it wasn't even Halloween yet. The historic record breaking nor'easter nearly paralyzed our town, icing up the roadways, taking down trees and limbs, and knocking out the power! It is not unusual to see a few flurries this time of year, but normally we would get no more than a dusting.  

We were lucky though, we only lost our power for 9 hours on Saturday. There are many folks who live less than 2 miles from us that are still without electricity today. We had many limbs fall in the yard due to the heavy snow weighing down the trees that are still full of foliage. The clean up will have to wait until the snow melts, which will likely happen within the next few days with temps rising into the mid 50's (normal for this time of year).

Our weekend plans for an Ugly Sweater Party had to be postponed due to the storm and losing our electricity.  However, we still had somewhat of a party atmosphere with 15 teenagers and 4 adults all sitting around in the dark. We heated up the food on the grill, lit all the candles and had a big bonfire in the back yard! It was a little scary being out underneath the trees with the falling limbs, so the bonfire didn't last long! We ended up having 9 people stay overnight after our power was restored at 9 p.m. Saturday.  

Here is a video just as the snow began to fall. It accumulated quickly to approximately 8 inches in our neck of the woods!


Janis said...

Yep this was one for the record books. I believe I heard this was the 5th snow fall in October here in Pa. but this was the most accumulation. It sure did mess up a lot of plans for party goers. I know the kids had a blast! Your photo is the perspective! Looking forward to the rescheduled ugly sweater party! Hope the weather cooperates this time.

Faye said...

This Kentuckian who loves winter envied my east coast friends but can certainly appreciate your frustration. Hope you didn't lose any of your beautiful trees--love the way you've kept them in your landscape instead of "skinning" the lot prior to construction. Great shutter color too. And glad that Cooper got to star in the video even though he didn't hear you say "Sit!" :-)

That corgi :) said...

My gosh, that was a lot of snow to get this early in the year!! Glad that your power was restored quickly; hope everyone's is back up and running sooner than later! Seemed like you ahd one "heck" of a slumber party too!!


Mom Daughter Style said...

that's a huge pumpkin!
I've been in snow only twice before.

Bridget Larsen said...

love your snow video and love your accent. Where I live we dont have snow~two hours away it does but its spring here although it is still quite cold here.
Will hop over to your fence post now.
Bridget #12

Bridget Larsen said...

Forgot to say I love that pumpkin~but how huge is it? looks like the size of a house
Bridget #12

Bridget Larsen said...

Forgot to say I love that pumpkin~but how huge is it? looks like the size of a house
Bridget #12

Buttons said...

Wow I cannot believe you have that much snow already. It sounds like you made it through OK and had a little fun with it. B

Pamela said...

I was going to say something about the snow .. then realized it was putting a lot of people as at a disadvantage. So no making fun of it today

We have, in the past, had a little snow come this way early. But right now we're enjoying true fall weather. Blowing leaves and sunshine mostly.


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