Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jingle Ball The Way

There is no doubt in my mind that if I were a young adolescent girl in today's world, I would have a poster of these guys hanging on my bedroom wall:

They are the popular "all boy band" from Nickelodean's hit TV show, Big Time Rush. And boy oh boy can they sing and dance and act and not to mention, look good!  I had the pleasure of attending the Jingle Ball concert last evening with my lil' sis and the kids in Hershey, PA, along with thousands of other screaming teenage girls. Big Time Rush was the headliner band.

The Jingle Ball concert was a 4-hour long event hosted by the local "hit" radio station and featured some of today's pop recording artists such as Andy Grammer, Patrick Stump, Joe Jonas, Sean Paul, and Hot Chelle Rae. Now, I know unless you have a young teenager in your family you've probably never heard of most of these groups. But I can guarantee if you tune your local radio station to "pop" many of the songs sung by these bands will most certainly be familiar. Trust me, I hear them over and over and over and over and over from my two teenage daughters.....daily. And quite honestly, even though it is not the music I prefer to listen to, some of the songs are quite catchy and upbeat.

My sister and I (the chaperone's) enjoyed the concert last night, if not more, than the kiddos did. It could have been because of the beer stand that provided us with something cold and wet to quench our thirst from all the dancing and arm waving!

What I wouldn't give to be a teenage girl these days....*sigh* (well maybe just for a day or two).

Check out Hot Chelle Rae. Go ahead....sing along...you know you want to....


Janis said...

Love this song! I think I would have liked the concert too! Glad to hear you all had a great time!!!

Tracy said...

Today's "boy" bands seem to be trending a clean-cut look. Far from the 80's big hair nation bands that were popular in our teen days. They're all easy on the eyes (if you know what I'm saying). Thanks for going with me. I had a good time acting like a teenager again.

That corgi :) said...

Haven't heard of the group, but it does look like a fun evening! I'm sure it was enjoyed by all!


Pamela said...

I will HAVE to ask my almost 15 year old granddaughter about these guys


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