Friday, January 13, 2012

Quotography | Top 3

I have radomly selected the Top 3 photographs of this week. The top 3 chosen here will choose next week's top 3. Please e-mail me your picks by Thursday, January 19th by clicking my e-mail button on my sidebar. Thanks to all who participated in Quotography this week. If you would like to participate in this fun weekly photo challenge, please click the "Quotography" page tab above for details.

The theme for January 16th is: Winter


Jan n Jer said...

Wow..thanks for picking me...I feel honored!

melifaif said...

Very em all. I did one and never got around to posting it. Winter is non-existant in I'll see if I can conjure up something.

Lisa said...

Kelly, thank you for selecting my entry! I'm deeply appreciative, and can't wait to see next week's selections.

Shanna said...

Thank you for selecting my photograph as one of the top three and hosting this event. I was so excited when January came and Quotography was on again. Love photos and quotes!

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

These are all so beautiful! Great selections!


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