Friday, February 24, 2012

Cooper Eats The Dot

Not a year goes by that I remember Cooper's Birthday. The Vet however, never forgets. They always remember to send Coop a cute digital birthday e-card. Not sure how Cooper would have access to a computer, but that's another story. At any rate, don't call me a bad pet owner, just call me honest...or forgetful, or honest and forgetful. any good pet owner would do, I am now honoring my pet with an official birthday greeting (I promise to show him this post).  He is officially 5 years old! I have also penciled his birthday in on the calendar so that I won't forget it next year. Perhaps next year I will plan a big party and invite all of his four-legged furry friends. I can serve frosty paws and dog jerky. And we can play doggie games like fetch and stuff.

Happy Birthday to my big, 100+ pound, fun loving yellow lab...Cooper. For your entertainment, I have included a video of us teasing amusing Cooper with a laser pointer (no offense Coop). Now all I need to do is get him to chase the red dot around the yard for about an hour.  He really needs the exercise (admit it are borderline obese).


Lisa said...

LOL! That's great. I remember Tanner's birthday because it's the same day (different month) as my TWO daughters! So that's 3/23, 8/23 and 12/23! What are the odds?

Jan n Jer said...

Happy Cooper....I never remember either! Wow 5 years old already...that video is tooooo funny!

Faye said...

Cooper! Eat all the dots you want on your birthday--zero calories. And don't worry, we'll all do better with our figures when there's something to do other than nap,watch football, and eat Cheetos!


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