Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This One's For You

Every once in a while a song will enter my mind and never leave. It will pop into my head at any given moment, time or place and I find myself humming it and singing it over and over and over again. The song was first introduced to me by my youngest daughter, Nature Girl, several months ago. Usually, I am not a fan of her "playlists", but as soon as I heard this song, I immediately fell in love with it.

The lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful. It reminds me that relationships and marriages are never easy. It isn't always a "bed of roses" or "lollipops and sunshine". It takes work. And it takes both people to make it work.  So many marriages and relationships end because of giving up too easily and too soon.

Here's to not giving up and trying to make it work, even when the skies get rough. And thank you....thank you Jason Mraz for writing such a beautiful song.



Jan n Jer said...

I've seen this before. I love profound!

Liz said...

Love it!! Great song!

~kAtHyInCoLoRaDo~ said...

I just absolutely love finding new songs. Especially songs like this one. Beautiful. Thank you.


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