Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quotography | Happiness

This photo was taken during our family vacation to Southern Georgia and Daytona, Florida. It is just one of over 400 photos that I took during our trip and I have been slowly working on the edits. There were so many photo opportunities I just couldn't help myself.

To see more Quotography participants, or to play along, click here.


That corgi :) said...

I love the picture and the quote! Sounds like it was a wonderful trip!


Jan n Jer said...

Great shilouette shot. Love that quote too! BTW I think we did happiness once before. I remember I used the same quote with a picture of our family!

Faye said...

This photo just says mellow and contentment to me Kelly. Happiness comes in all sizes, from the grand to simple.

Kim Stevens said...

Yep, this certainly says happy to me! Looks like a wonderful vacation.

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

Love this! So awesome!

Elena said...

This photo is gorgeous and I absolutely love the quote! It's so true!


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