Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wing Man

Somewhere along the Eastern shore where the corn grows in endless rows and the land is as flat as a pancake, lies a run-down air field and a small quaint town with a population of less than 1,500 called Ridgely, Maryland.

It is where my husband has currently embarked on his mid-life crisis adventure, hang gliding.

Hang gliding is something that has been on his "bucket list" since he was 12 years old, and he is finally living out his life dream of flying like a bird, or wanting to be like Superman - -  I'm not sure which.

Of course it takes time to learn how to hang glide properly and safely. So, he is attending a training school with Highland Aerosports at the Ridgely Air Field during the weekends. In fact, he started his lessons last fall and should be finished up with them sometime this spring. He will have to have obtain a certain amount of hours flying tandem with an instructor before he will be allowed to fly solo and become a certified hang glider.

Instructor Steve and FW make their way to the runway accompanied by Nelly the dog
FW gets comfortable with the glider
FW walks the glider to the runway
Instructor Steve and FW prepare for takeoff
This tow plane pulls the glider into the air, then releases it once it reaches correct altitude
Once in the air, FW must maneuver the glider to the right or left and maintain control

You might ask, what will FW do when he is done training and becomes a certified hang glider? Will he purchase a glider? Will he jump off mountains? Well, I've been wondering the same thing myself. So, I'll keep you posted once I find out. In the meantine, you can check out his takeoff and landing in the videos posted below.


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, my. Well, all I can say is, "If it makes him happy, then go for it!" I just hope it makes you happy, too!

That corgi :) said...

Good for your husband! What an adventure!! Lots of hang gliding places here; something I could never do but I admire those that want to fly like this!! Wishing him wonderful times with it in the days ahead (and will you be joining him in this hobby of his?)


Tracy said...

I think that's a pretty cool "bucket list" idea. It's thrilling to watch them soar through the air like a bird. This is a mild mid-life crisis. Could be worse.

Jan n Jer said...

I can see the thrill of it all! Glad he is checking off things on his bucket list! It does make you wonder..."Whats next"...just have to wait n see!

Colleen C said...

How awesome!


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