Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hack Job

"Hack job" as defined in today's Urban Dictionary: 1. A procedure or operation performed by someone with inadequate skill or knowledge of the subject. 2. Something done shoddily or ineptly. 

The words "hack job" precisely describes the hair cut I gave our badly matted cat, Kiki this week. Our long-haired kitty is now over 5 years old and was never one to groom herself. Normally we have her professionally groomed and shaved every year to eliminate the matting that develops over time. But in order to save a buck, we decided to "let it go". Boy oh boy were we sorry. Poor kitty was so badly matted, she began to rip the mats from herself which caused skin tears and lesions. Now mind you, she is mostly an outdoor cat, and she was beginning to resemble a character from Stephen King's, Pet Sematary.

Long story short (no pun intended), we decided to invest in a good electric shaver and shave Kiki ourselves.  2 1/2 hours and a half bushel of cat hair later, we have one happy, mattless cat. 

Note to self: Always wear heavy duty gloves when shaving cat with sharp claws. 

And now we must prepare Pia for a litter of kittens....stay tuned. 


That corgi :) said...

how cute with kitties on the way! What a patient cat Kiki was while you were grooming her! The good thing is the fur will grow back! But I think you did a great job regardless!


Tracy said...

Ah Ah Ah Chewwww

Jan n Jer said...

Pet ownership..can be very stressful n expensive! I am sure Kiki is so much more comfortable now. Can wait to see Mama Pia's new borns...nothing cuter then a baby kitty!


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