Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mama Pia

I've never experienced newborn kittens before. But Pia, our one-year old kitty, just had a litter of five! I was concerned for her well-being and for the kittens well-being because of Pia's immaturity, but so far she has proven to be a very good mommy. She doesn't mind visitors either. The house has been buzzing with activity since she gave birth on Monday. Good thing for the World Wide Web, as I have become well educated on what to expect when your cat is expecting and what to expect after delivery. 

The entire litter is healthy and thriving. They all resemble Pia in color - - mostly white with black and tan markings. I am really enjoying watching her interact with her babies, protecting and nursing them regularly. 

Prior to Pia having her babies, my girls constructed a cardboard "Castle" for her as a make-shift nursery, although the kittens were actually born in Cooper's dog crate while we were all away at work and school. We promptly moved Pia and her babies to the cardboard Castle, then we placed it upstairs in the playroom for their safety and privacy. 

Pia apparently did not like the upstairs location. She decided to move the kittens one by one downstairs to a hidden location up inside the couch! We soon realized that it was probably too hot for her upstairs in the playroom. We didn't think hiding them inside the couch was a good place either. So once again, we moved the mama and her kittens down to the basement where it is cooler.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Pia was a kitten herself. We will most definitely be taking care of having her spayed after she is done nursing and after we find loving homes for all five kittens. This experience has been an educational one for all of us!


Jan n Jer said...

Awww...that is so sweet...Pia just wants to be comfortable n keep her babies safe. I think they will be ok in the basement where it is cooler n quiet!

Lois Evensen said...

Awwww, that rings back memories of kittens born in our home. Good for her being a good mother. :)

Faye said...

The Cat Castle even has a draw bridge--clever girls! All those black and white babies just make me tired for you if they're anything as demanding as the B & W puppy/crocodile I'm now living with. Pia at least is being a good mama so you can just watch them play and admire.

That corgi :) said...

So cute!! So funny the kitties were born in the dog's crate!! Here's hoping you find wonderful homes for each of them!


Tracy said...

Pia is shooting you a look in the one picture like "Really?" can't wait to cuddle them.


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