Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye Won't Be Easy

I know one little girl who is not going to be happy to say goodbye to these adorable little kittens. But from the day they were born we warned her that their stay with us would only be temporary. We are so enjoying them and their playful antics. They are 6 weeks old and in less than 2 weeks they will be weaned from nursing and able to leave their mama once and for all. It gives us (and Ms. Alice) peace of mind knowing that they are all being adopted into good, loving homes. I can't help but think that maybe...just maybe, we could keep just one? 


Jan n Jer said...

It is so easy to become attached to these cute little buggers!They have been so much fun to watch! If I were not allergic....I would be sooooo tempted to take one!!! Maybe you better think again about keeping one...that would mean you have 3 cats!!!!!! R U SURE U REALLY WANT TO KEEP ONE!!!!!!!! Remember they don't remain kittens for much longer!!!

kaye said...

they are soooo cute, no wonder she'll be sad.

That corgi :) said...

too cute! There's always room for one more in the family!!!


Tracy said...

Pia sure did make cute babies. What's one more cat? Right?

Beth said...

so cute. awwww ... (:


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