Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Name That Kitten

I can hardly believe it is August already! Nor can I believe I haven't posted anything to my blog in weeks!  Nor can I believe that we are the caretakers to not 1, not 2....but 3 cats!

It seems I am in somewhat of a state of denial these days. Never in my lifetime would I have ever imagined owning and caring for 3 cats, let alone one obnoxious, spoiled 95-pound Labrador Retriever. I have always loved dogs, but was never really a "feline" person. Well, so it seems. Once you own a cat as a pet - a good, loving one that is, they find a way of melting your heart and amusing your soul with their cuteness and playful antics.    

As some of you know, our adopted cat, Pia who is just over 1 year old, had a litter of kittens several weeks ago.  Luckily, we were able to find loving homes for all of the kittens, even the last one, who has conveniently found his home right here. So, that makes 3 cats. 

Cat #3 has been making himself right at home here for the past eleven weeks. We have yet to name him. Nothing sticks. Some of the temporary names include, Scooby, Diego, Fella, Casper and Tippy. None of us can decide on a name for him. This is where I need your help. Will you help us pick a name? Simply leave your name suggestion in the comments. I will compile the list of names and create a poll in my next post so that you can vote on the best name. Remember our kitty is a male, so names like "princess" and "pearl" just won't do! 

Thanks for your input on naming the newest member of our family!  


Jan n Jer said...

That is just the cutest picture of "Dudley'...thats my name pick for him

Jan n Jer said...

After taking another look...here is another name..."Smudge" it looks like he has a smudge on his nose!

The Freedom Writer said...

Fella or Junior

Jennifer said...

Your kitty is so cute! I just did a post on 6 sweet lil kitties I'm tryin to find good homes for :)

Anonymous said...

Casper!!!! Or fella!!! I agree with daddy

Anonymous said...

I agree daddy

Tracy said...



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