Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thrill Seekers Run In The Family

Now that my hubby has taken on his new hobby of Hang Gliding, it seems some other family members have caught the "bug".  During a recent family trip to the tiny air field in Ridgely, Maryland where novice and accomplished hang gliders soar, my daughter and niece got the chance to experience the thrill of flying like a bird. 

They each got to fly tandem with a Highland Aerosports instructor at an altitude of 2,500 feet. Video and photos were taken during the entire flight from the air. 

Nature Girl has her Ground School Lesson with Adam prior to take-off.

Nature Girl prior to take-off
Nature Girl and Adam prepare for take-off.

Still being towed up.
Reaching altitude.
 Nature Girl controls the glider.
Coming in for a landing.
 This was an experience neither my daughter or niece will forget. Now it's my turn.

In case you missed it on Facebook, here is Nature Girl hang gliding in high def:


Jan n Jer said...

What an exciting adventure for both girls....your right...your next!!!!

Faye said...

Love to see girls involved in sports like this--be all they can be!


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