Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eye of The Storm

All is finally quiet here in the South Central part of Pennsylvania, as Superstorm Sandy has left town for good. Even though the eye of the storm passed directly over us, we lucked out in this part of the Country with little to no damage at all. In fact, we didn't even lose our electric.

With all the proper essentials needed for hurricane survival - flashlights, candles, bottled water, blocks of ice, thermos of coffee, warm blankets, wood for a fire, wine, etc., I was fully prepared for an extended power outage!  It was a long grueling day and night of high winds and heavy rains. There were many people in my town that lost power. Many roads were flooded and trees, telephone poles and wires came down. Our town completely shut down. Even Walmart closed. But nothing compared to the devastation Sandy caused along the East Coast. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that we were spared Sandy's wrath. And now, I have enough ice to build an igloo! But, I'm sad to report, the wine is gone. 

There was one point in the middle of night, I remember waking to silence. There was virtually no wind blowing at all and just a gentle rain was falling. I believe the eye of Sandy passed over us at that point in time.   Science lesson : The "eye" is the focus of a hurricane - the point about which the rest of the storm rotates and where the lowest surface pressures are found, thus making it the calmest part. 

The skies are gray today, but we are hopeful to see the sun shine tomorrow. God bless all those along the East Coast who were less fortunate. My heartfelt prayers go out to them.    


That corgi :) said...

LOL about the wine, but seriously glad that you guys weathered the storm relatively safely! Yes, prayers continue to go out to those seriously affected by this storm!


Jan n Jer said...

Yep...we have much to be thankful for here in our neck of the woods! I was up at the time when we were in the "eye" of the storm was 2am...calm as could be!! Is that nature girls eye in that leaf???

Faye said...

Love your green-eyed girl, Kelly. What a great illustration for this post. Glad you didn't have to use your storm provisions--well, except for the wine. I keep a "storm box" ready with the essentials after spending too many days in the cold w/o power and supplies. Even figured out how to make coffee.

The scenes of devastation and loss in NJ and NY are just hard to believe. They will be living with a new normal for a long time. Glad you all are safe.

kelley jensen said...

I'm grateful to know all is well with you.


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