Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kids In Leaves, Leaves Me Happy

During my niece's annual fall Pumpkin Carving Party and combined Birthday party for her son, I found myself surrounded by cute little toddlers. Lots of them....more than a daycare full. And I was thrilled to take photos of some of them as they frolicked in the huge mound of leaves piled up high for entertainment purposes. They had me smiling from ear to ear, even when one of them was not so happy.  They were the source of my entertainment for the evening and I enjoyed every square inch of their cuteness. Oh, and in case you were wondering who won first place in the pumpkin carving contest, it was my one and only creative husband! He got the most toothpick votes! Can you guess which one was his? I should mention that more than half of the pumpkins were carved by pre-school to elementary school-aged children.



Jan n Jer said...

I love the voting system...the pumpkins all look great!!! Nothing like kids n a pile of leaves for a fun time!

Faye said...

These are the cutest fall foliage pics I've seen, Kelly. Espeically loved Lil' Hoodie.

That corgi :) said...

Was your husband's the little pumpkin on the right in the front row? I like the voting system with the toothpicks, too cute! Adorable kids enjoying their time in the leaves!


Tracy said...

fall leaves + kids = Fall fun

kelley jensen said...

tons of fun :)


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