Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time Out...From Football

When the temps are pushing 70 degrees on a beautiful sunny November day, we don't take the time to sit inside and watch football - not when there are tons of leaves to clean up  in the yard.

Leaf clean-up is a tedious task and is helpful if you have this tool - a gas powered blower.

And these tools - a handy rake and two teen age girls to operate those rakes

Rake balancing is a natural talent for Nature Girl.

Time to drag those leaves deep into the woods and pray they do not blow back into the yard.

It's so good to see smiles on their faces while they work pose for a photo.

Hooray - we are almost done!

Cooper likes to try to help.

But he eventually gets bored with leaf raking.

Time out for a much needed break.

Pia hides out in the leaves. Can you find her?

Dudley keeps a watchful eye out for unwanted critters.

He has a "bird's eye" view from here.

Our first attempt at a self-timed family portrait.

We always try to make the most of this yearly chore and are most thankful for a beautiful balmy day on which to complete it. And from what we understand, our beloved Baltimore Ravens kicked the Oakland Raiders butt today! I guess that would have been a good game to watch!


That corgi :) said...

The Ravens did a number on the Raiders! That was an impressive final score!!

I like how the timed photo came out; great of the four of you!

Looked like a great project to do today; lots of work indeed!


Faye said...

Great minds, Kelly! I was giving the yard a last mow in these balmy temps yesterday. It seems like you all have saved a lot of trees when clearing the lot for your home. Love when people do that, even if there's the great Fall Rake to contend with every year.

Your photos tell such a happy family story with everyone getting in on the act--even my boy Cooper and the kits.

If you need a blow by blow account of the Ravens' game, my friend Bob in Balto could surely do it. I know he wouldn't be doing yardwork when they play! :-)

Tracy said...

I returned the leaf bag just in time! Way to take advantage of the gorgeous weather yesterday. I almost dragged out my Christmas decorations.

Nice Family shots : )

Jan n Jer said...

Looks like work turned into fun! Yet another happy family memory! It is always nice to see the teenagers doing something useful with their hands other then "Texting"!!! It was a perfect day to be outdoors!! Great pics Kel!


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