Friday, November 16, 2012

What's The Buzz?

This broken limb is situated high above the ground in one of the tall red oaks that aligns our property. It is the perfect perching spot for turkey buzzards, owls, hawks and other winged animals. I'm sometimes lucky to capture these birds with my 18x optical zoom lens. The other night, FW and I witnessed a barred owl perched on this limb calling out to another barred owl somewhere nearby. It was a full moon so it was really cool to see and hear them calling back and forth to each other. 

There happened to be a gang of 8 or more turkey vultures/buzzards perched in the tall oaks this day. I imagine they were scoping out their dinner in the open field below. They feast on recently dead carrion. Did you know that these buzzards are a protected species and it is illegal to kill them in the US?  Turns out these ugly large winged birds play an important role in our ecosystem by disposing of carrion which would otherwise be a breeding ground for disease.


Jan n Jer said...

They are just the ugliest...but they do a very valuable job! Nice shot!

Anonymous said...

Had no idea they served such an important purpose! Good to know, so now, we should have a new respect for them!

I've started a new meme, so don't forget to swing by Wednesday evenings around 6pm CST to link up for the new Watery Wednesday... and, of course, Mondays at the same time for Barn Charm! =)

That corgi :) said...

Thankful that they do have an important job to do; I'm glad they do it and not me!! I would love to see the types of birds you see on that tree! I'm sure it was a very interesting exchange between the owls! If you don't post between now and Thanksgiving, Kelly, I hope you and yours have a great one!


Myra Whatley said...



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