Monday, March 11, 2013

Busier than a Bee on a Nectar High

Honey bees swarmed the blooming snowdrops that grow wildly in the woods along our property. The mild, sunny weather we were blessed with this past weekend had these bees buzzing - collecting every bit of nectar and pollen this freshly blossomed plant had to offer.

Lately, I feel like a honey bee. That's a good thing. 


Tracey from Haiku.You.Do said...

Awesome shots. I had no idea the bees were out already. I haven't seen any yet!

That corgi :) said...

great pictures of the bee!! Glad to hear you are busy like him (or her???)


Tracy said...

He is rather ugly looking but I'm glad he cooperated for the shot. We saw a Robin on Sunday so the signs of spring are very evident.

Jan n Jer said...

Great shots...I am a little surprised to see a bee so early in the season. Wonder if thats a sign of an early summer!!!!


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