Monday, March 4, 2013


Need I say more?

Lord, I pray that my daughter will remember that driving is a revocable privilege. I pray that she will drive by her own conscience and not be pressured into breaking the rules. That she will respect other drivers and those in authority. That she will never get into a car when her judgement is impaired and above all, never drive faster than her guardian angel can fly. Amen.


Faye said...

Finally someone to run errands! An old friend tells the story of getting her liscense and insisting on driving one block to the store for a bottle of ketchup. :-)

Faye said...

Oops! License. . .

That corgi :) said...

LOTS and LOTS of prayers I pray when son drives, even to this day and he just turned 24 today.

Congrats to your daughter; a milestone achieved!!!


Tracy said...

So proud of Carley girl. Another goal achieved.

Jan n Jer said...

Well done Carley...on to the next milestone.
Gotta let the aprons strings out another few inches...hard thing to do! Prayer helps alot!


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