Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NYC - A Friendly Place

View of One World Trade Center (prior to spire placement) from Staten Island Ferry

There's something energizing about visiting New York City. Its' eclectic, fast paced and diversified atmosphere makes you want to visit time and time again. I have found that even the people who live and work in New York are friendly and helpful, especially when it comes to riding the very intimidating subway lines, which happens to be the largest system in the world! During every one of our subway riding experiences, we encountered a friendly "New Yorker" willing to direct us. Of course we had the obvious "tourist" appearance - you know - camera around neck, map opened, confused look. If you don't pay close attention, you may never reach your destination. Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised but somewhat apprehensive about taking the advice of complete strangers. It all worked out though, and riding the subway was all part of our New York City adventures. I can tell you from experience that if you decide to ride the lines, (because it is the quickest mode of transportation) don't hesitate to ask a New Yorker for help. You will need it and you will appreciate it.

View from inside subway car


Tracy said...

Cool shot. Black and white makes for a more dramatic feel. I felt the same way about the people of NY. Very friendly but when they explained how to do something it went something like...take the B line then jump off at 6th street and take the D to the corner of 8th and then walk 5 blocks to Broadway. WHEWW WEEE

Jan n Jer said...

Gorgeous view of the NYC skyline. I think they are putting the Spire on the world trade center today. It will be done! Yep the subway is the fastest mode of transportation in really is simple once you get the hang of it!

The Freedom Writer said...

It was a blast!
Beautiful weather, friends and family, strangers and strange places and great food; what more could you ask for. Oh yea a Brad Pitt benjamin snoozer movie for the long ride home. "Life is God"


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