Thursday, October 24, 2013

Initially Pumpkin

Here's an easy peasy way to decorate your pumpkin this fall without having to carve it out.

  • Spray paint clean and dry pumpkin a metallic gold or silver 
  • Allow paint to dry
  • Create your first or last name initial using a stencil or store bought rub on
  • Paint or rub initial onto front of pumpkin
  • Adorn top of pumpkin with ribbon and artificial flowers
  • Spray entire pumpkin with clear spray paint to seal
  • Estimated time to complete = 15 minutes

This will preserve your pumpkin and will last for weeks! I placed mine outside on my door step to welcome visitors.

A friend of mine decorated this Maxine pumpkin. How cute is that! 


Jan n Jer said...

Very artistic and so easy to do!

Tracy said...

Very creative. That’s a nice way to decorate and personalize your pumpkin.


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