Saturday, November 16, 2013

Where Did Those Four Years Go?

It seems like just yesterday that Nature Girl was fitted for braces. I remember the Dr. distinctively saying how she would be a very challenging case for him due to her narrow mouth, overcrowding, etc. You can read all about that post here. Four years (and several thousand dollars) later, her top braces have been removed (her bottom braces still remain in place). Of course that time passed by quickly for me, but for Nature Girl it probably seemed like an eternity. In fact, when they removed her braces, she was very self-conscious of her teeth at first saying they felt "big". 

But just look at her now.....Wow! What a difference 4 years makes. She is growing and maturing into a beautiful young lady with a radiant smile. I am forever grateful to Dr. Singer for his wondrous works!


Jan n Jer said...

Yep...I have to give Kudos to Dr Singer...he does good work! Casey is growing into such a lovely pretty young Lady!

Colleen C said...

She is a beautiful girl .. a model! Congrats Casey!

Tracy said...

Well done Dr. Singer. Not much has changed, she still has long blonde hair and beautiful smile.


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