Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Mom's Random Advice

On any given day, I will rattle off random advice and thoughts to my young teenage daughters and in return, I get the usual blank stare, head tilt, and raised eye brow. But nonetheless, as a Mom, I feel I'm doing my job, as it's not easy to get a word in edgewise these days. This "Quick Reference List" would make a great fridge magnet for anyone with teenage daughters. Feel free to add on to this never-ending list!
  1. Never get a tattoo
  2. Sex isn't a 4-letter word
  3. I'm not your maid
  4. Do not trust strangers (insert various "stranger danger" scenarios)
  5. Make your own dinner
  6. I wasn't born under a rock
  7. What are you, five?
  8. I'm not your friend
  9. Be a lady
  10. Your secret is safe with me
  11. Be respectful of your parents and yourself
  12. Get a job
  13. Don't be late
  14. Drugs are illegal and harmful to your body
  15. Never never ever pick your nose in public
  16. Always kiss your mom goodnight
  17. Rise and shine and give God your glory
  18. Cleanliness is next to Godliness
  19. Wash your hands often 
  20. Use a tissue!
  21. Flush the toilet!
  22. Open dishwasher: insert dirty dishes
  23. You're wearing that?!


betty said...

Never get in a car with someone who has been drinking.

beautiful daughters Kelly!


Jan n Jer said...

Talk to your grandparents...they have the Wisdom!


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