Wednesday, January 29, 2014


"How bout this weather?", seems to be the topic of discussion everywhere these days. The 2014 North American Cold Wave, better known as the Polar Vortex, has made its' way into history books and some of us are living the experience right now. Wow. Just think, one day, I will talk "Polar Vortex" to my grandchildren. And they will care less. Sigh. 

So, what do you do when it's below zero degrees on a snowy winter's day? Well, you trek outside with your camera in tow for a photo session - that's what!  After every couple photos I snapped of Nature Girl, we would make a mad dash to the car to warm up our extremities. And then, we drove to McDonald's for a frozen Frappe'. 

Hang in there my Polar Vortex buddies, Goundhog Day is this Sunday, February 2. Here's hoping for an early spring!


betty said...

She looks great though for being so cold! I feel sorry for all of you guys going through these cold temps. We've had such pleasant warmer than normal temps this past month while everyone else is freezing. We'll pay for it come summer when we have water rationing because we haven't gotten hardly any rain this season. I love how you got a frozen frappe! I would have gone with something warm from Starbucks :)

stay warm as you can and hope it is a early warm spring!


Janis said...

awesome pics... were you at codorus?? Case is a great model. I am dreaming of the same shot but with sunny blue skies, green grass n pretty flowers blooming. Come one spring!!!

Tracy said...

Casey looks so pretty in pink! You need to put her blowing the snow on a canvas.

Cheeseboy said...

I realize now that I have known you for a long time as when I first met you via the world wide web, she was much younger.


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