Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If Cooper Ruled The World

  • All dogs would be allowed to sleep in beds
  • All foods would be taste tested by Master Cooper for quality assurance
  • Belly rubs would be given every hour
  • The vacuum cleaner would be banished forever
  • Playtime would be anytime
  • Taking walks would be mandatory and leashless
  • The trash can would be considered a toy box
  • There would be an unlimited supply of treats
  • Stealing shoes and sucking on socks would be encouraged

H A P P Y   7th  B I R T H D A Y   O L'   B O Y !


Faye said...

My favorite Yellow Boy! A world that you ruled would be great, Cooper!

Janis said...

Great pic of good ol Coop...how did you get him not to eat that rose!!!!

Tracy said...

I think a lot of dogs would favor those rules.


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