Monday, March 3, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

It felt good to get outside on a mild winter's day this past weekend. We kicked off our weekend with a hike and photo shoot at nearby frozen Lake Marburg.  It's not every year that the lake freezes over, but when it does, it is a popular place for the likes of various ice sports such as skating, hockey, fishing and sailing. Apparently the conditions for ice sailing were not the greatest on Saturday. The ice was a little "soft" and there was barely a breeze a blowing. Since the temps will remain below freezing for most of the week, I'll bet the ice boats will return this coming weekend for another run. Something fun to watch if you live nearby. Oh, and don't forget your ice skates and hockey sticks. There is a marked off area (across from the gift shop) for those activities, where the ice is monitored. 

Patience. It's what you need (along with some warm clothing and thick socks) to go ice fishing. Those guys could sit out there on that ice for hours...brrrrrr! Honestly, I don't see the joy in it. But, reports say that the black crappies are biting!

Why not make the most of our extended winter season.....


Jan n Jer said...

Great pics of some fun winter sports!

Tracy said...

Loved looking at your “icy” pictures. I don’t see the joy in ice-fishing either but if you need some solitude in your life, that’s how to find it.


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